Collega CRM

Generic customer management systems are often not a suitable choice for businesses due to their complexity. They have to adjust their business based on the functioning of the CRM system. Our system changes this and you don't have to adjust, we adapt our system to your requirements.
The app can offer simple and intuitive interface in which everyone can quickly find their way around.
Whether you need to enter a new piece of information from your mobile phone, computer or tablet, our system is always at your service.
Without any problem we will customize the system according to your needs. We can implement new features that are important to you.

What does it do?

  • You can store contact information about your customers. You can even divide them into offices and individual contact persons.
  • You can similarly store data about your suppliers.
  • Have you had a meeting with a customer (or potential customer) and don't know how to keep the information you discussed in the meeting? No worries. You can also save meeting information in our system.
  • You can also create notifications in the system that will alert you later.
  • The course of the order from the initial mention to the invoice generation is completely covered by the system for you.
And lots of other things, email us (or call us) and we'll show you how the system works and how we can customize it for you. Email:, Phone: +420 774 275 224.